what i wore on 230608


I watched The Incredible HULK yesterday, with friends. Great movie, wow, i love that green giant, awesomeeee !!! Edward Norton is a genius !!!! And, i love the last part, when Tony Star appeared, I adore Robert Downey Jr, i always think he's HOT ! Don't you think so ??? :p I have this weird taste of 35-45 years old men hahaha.

I wore the tosca dress from Dakota Rochdale, sista's black studs belt, gold leopard sling bag from aDLabelized and ZeeU black sling bag shoes.
I had to go to friend birthday party so i wore dress, but as always, I don't want a girl look, that's why i putted the punk studs belt and wore the leopard bag.

What do you think of my new leopard sling bag ?? It's kewl, isn't it ?? I love it !!! Thank to Adeline for the fabulous bag !! Love ya !

me and mila ! ^^



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