Wedding Ceremony


I always thought that "the crying part" at the wedding ceremony only a movie trick to move us. But that thought changed after i when i'm on Jie Susan's wedding ceremony. I don't know why, i was so moved, i cried a lot during the ceremony. The athmosphere was so romantic, even just by listened the songs that the choir sang, my tears ran down. The most romantic moment was when Jie Susan & Ko Budi kneed to the parents for their blessing. Even my mother in law, who said that she won't cry, but she cried eventually at that time. That's when the choir sang "The Prayer" from Celine Dion & Andrea Bocheli, the atmosphere getting sooo romantic, and i cried more and more. I guess i'll cry more if that's my ceremony, just can't imagine how happy i am, how blessed i am to standing there, with my soulmate, so blessed, so being loved by God, family and him, aaaaa .. I guess if i die at the moment, i'll die happy, with smiley face (:

And, i so amazed with the choir. They sang very well, i was very touched by their songs and voices. I forgot the name, but i surely will pick them as the choir at my wedding ceremony next year.

I tried to put "The Prayer" MP3 here, but the sound isn't good, so, i delete it hehehe. Believe me, it sounds so beautiful when you hear it in the church, with the piano melody, nothing can replace that feeling. ^^~




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