my hair


I removed my hair extensions yesterday. I wanted to raise it up 'cause the glue had go down.
It was so achy when my hairdresser removed the glue, my hair moulted a lot :(
I wanted to straighten it up, 'cause i start to get bored with my curly hair, and because the girl i hate at my daddy's office copied my hair (again), she putted hair extension and curled it right after did my hair. It looked so similar, grrr, that silly copy cat. She even copied my bangs, damn. I hate her, really. I don;t want to look like her. Ahh, sorry for being annoying, but that girl is so irritating, i just can't tell why, 'cause it's too complicated, but most of my family hate her :p

Ok, back to hair topic. After they removed all my hair extensions, i thought that this hair style looks good, so i decided to keep it for a while, to give my hair a moment to breathe, to take care of it too, to get it healthy as before. My sister and my hair dresser like it.

I think it makes me look younger, hmmm, good point hehehe. And, short hair is now so IN at Japan :p another good point to keep my shorty hair. What do you think ?





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