The dress and the make up on Jie Susan's Wedding Day.

morning make up and dress

i did my own make up with some little help to put my fake eye lashes.
i wore pink as the main eye shadow, brown on the eye corner and white as the highlight.
Hengky, Jie Susan's hairdresser helped me curl my hair, and then i did the up do (:
i love it, even though it's still far from perfect, but it's ok.
i learned a lot.

Jie Fefe, my hubby's cousin made this dress, i also got the clutch bag, match with the dress.
Jie Fefe and her mom are designers. Her mom, Auntie Tjun made Jie Susan's wedding gown.
what do you think 'bout the dress ? it's pretty right ??

Shoes : Nine West

evening make up and dress

Shoes : Nine West

This is the dress ! my pretty goddess dress. Handmade by Jie Fefe too. Oh, the woman beside me is Jie Fefe !! She's the dress maker. She made her own dress and the bag too. She made the dress in only 2 days and the bag in only 1 day, amazing. She used Roberto Cavalli as the material ( the purple zebra print cloth). She looked so pretty that night. Ah, the bangle that she wore is a hand made too, her uncle made it for her ! What an amazing family you got, hubby !

Too bad, i forgot to take the close up picture so i can't show my make up. I was really busy during the party and super tired after it. I just took this picture with my hubby after the party. I did the evening make up myself too. I used lime green as the base eye shadow, dark brown for the eye corners and white as the high light. Erm, i always use dark color for my eye corner for the bigger eye illusion, i always want my eyes to look big in every occasion hehehe :p
Sakora from SAKORA Salon did my hair do. I love it, my family like it too, especially my grandma.
Look at my hubby, he looks handsome in that suit, right ?? hehehe .. love ya, boo !




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