I couldn't write any post after the party, 'cause i've to go to Malang, i have to meet my boy's auntie to fit my dress for Jie Susan's wedding party. (FYI, Jie Susan is my boy's sister). I'm now, sitting on my boy's bed, writing this hehehe. I love Malang, it's a cozy, calm and chilly city.

So, yesterday, my sister
had throw a birthday dinner at Penang Restaurant, Galaxy Mall.
If you ask me, "did i really enjoy it?", i will answer"no." hahaha. The sitting position and the food allotment was a lil bit wrong. So, the g
uests couldn't really connect each other and some people didn't get the food at first. The party atmosphere wasn't good.

But yet, me, my boy and my friends could still smile, laugh and enjoy it a little bit :p

I did the make up for my sister. But she
messed it up 'cause her bf told her that her cheek was too pink. But actually it's not huhuhu. It's at the right tone for night make up. So she wiped it a little bit, that it made her face pinky. But yet, she still looked gorgeous, i was so glad that the eye shadow is still right on her eyes, glad she's not wipe it too (it was lime green with brown shades on the eye corner, and white as the high light, i love it), the fake eye lashes are pretty, so fit her eyes. She wore the flowery brown kimono dress and her nude peep toe platform shoes (: the peep toe is from me and my boy as her borthday gift. i love it, it makes her skin looks bright and her legs look sexy. She made a little bun for the hair. Yes, she looked awesome (:
Mine, i decided to put a little heavy make up yesterday. A putted icy blue, dark brown as the corner shades and white as the highlight, fake eye lashes and heavy eye liner :p i wore kimono dress too, mine was black with flowery pattern on it. I wore black peep toe also, hahaha we really looked like twins.

Here's the picture of us, the twinzie (:
(of course my sister is way mo
re gorgeous than me, me just an ugly ducking hahaha)

some pictures from the dinner,

andrew, sista, boo

my cousin Christa, Susie, Vivy, Leean, Sista Ringu, Moi, Yuni, Ichi, Mila

ichi and me

I love my friends :) Andrew, Yuni, Ichi and Mila
I love my family, my sista Ringu, my cousin Christa and his boy, Joseph
But most of all, i love my baldy boo, Mr. Evan Budiman *cuupss

Thanks sista, for the dinner.



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