yesterday we ( me and my hubby ) went to the doctor to check my throat. I got croup for a month. I've tried this and that cough medicines, but it didn't work at all.

the doctor's assistant asked me to come at 11.00pm ( yes, the doctor is very famous, so he open until 3.00 AM ). As we thought, we have to wait. But i didn't expect that we have to wait until 12. I was really sleepy, and i coughed all the time.

when the doctor finally called us, it was 00.30 AM, damn.

The doctor said i got serious inflamed throat :p
I can't eat spicy foods, chocolate, icy drinks, chicken and nutty foods.
I must take a bath before 6 pm,
I should not swimming,
I should get enough sleep and shouldn't struck by the wind or night air directly to my body.

Too many rules, right ?!

but i hope i'll get well soon !!

while we're waiting the doctor




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