hehehehe, i don't go back to Surabaya today, it canceled because my soon-to-be mother in law is sick, and i couldn't get any travel service. So, here i am, still at Malang, sitting on my boy's bed with a big smile on my face hahaha. I feel happy, 'cause I can stay longer with my boy :p

what should I write today ?? Hmm .. how 'bout my boy's bed room ?? hehehe.
It's a big room, with 2 single beds, my boy's and her sister's. With a big woodie wardrobe and make up table. A television and home theater, Sony Playstation, lots of my boy's DVD and VCD collections and my boy & her sister's books collections. Ah, her sister also have so many souvenirs from the countries she visited, she traveled a lot, but now the souvenirs closet has moved to her mommy's bedroom. I like my boy's room, it's so comfy. The bad thing is, we always mess it up when the three of us are here hahaha, our stuffs are here and there. (Sometimes 4, when Ko Budi is here too. Ko Budi is Jie Susan's hubby).

the beds. I sleep on my baby's bed or we bring the upper beds down when the 4 of us gather together. We make it 4 beds haha. But when it's just me or just Ko Budi, I sleep with my boy's mum, or Ko Budi with my boy.

that's the make up table. And as you see, the desk is totally in a mess because of us. On the left corner, that's my notebook. There's where i write my posts when I'm in Malang hehehe. If you can see the frames, those are the pictures of my boy and her sister. And on the right side is the wash-stand.

The room is usually very neat. Now it's looking messy because of the wedding party stuffs, Jie Susan's luggage for the wedding and my stuffs :p

This is the wooden wardrobe. It's so big and tall. My boy's dad made it. That's my dress for the Jie Susan's wedding ceremony at the church in the morning. It's soft pink, halter neck and flowing. Jie Fefe made it. It's a pretty dress (: On the left of the wardrobe is the DVD/VCD and books rack. It's too tall, so I couldn't take a whole picture of it. (Yes, i'm too petite, pls don't mention it directly to me again hahaha xD).

Last but not least, the computer desk (: the black chair is my boy's favorite. It's a comfy chair, I admit it too hehehe.

me and bunny at the room (: love ya !




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