I went to Tunjungan Plaza today with bunny, sister and her boo, my bestfriend andrew and yuni. We went to watch One Night In VEGAS, the Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher's new movie at Tunjungan Plaza XXI, the new Cineplex movie theater. The place is awesome, or it looked awesome just because it is new hehehe. I watched the movie with some weird feeling, as if i'm on a high, and that's because of the cough medicines i took an hour earlier :(

I couldn't really enjoy the movie ( because of those medicines, hiks. ) , but i think it's a good movie. Cute story, lots of silly jokes, fresh and fun. I love their act. They represent their mimics so well ! I could feel it, when Ashton started to fall in love with Cameron, with the looked in Ashton eyes. Or how Cameron amazed when she saw how Ashton can be so close with the kids and his nephew. Plus, they're hot ! :p

me and yuni at the XXI rest room. Andru took the pic.
me and him, at SOGO, while waiting for my sister.
I felt so damn tired after movie, so after we went to GAP, Mango and SOGO, i asked my hubby to come home ... It was a tired day, but yet it's a fun day too (:

what i wear today.




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