Hi, my name is Febrina, but you can call me Bebe for short. I'm petite beauty blogger in her early 30's, a loving mom, a proud wife and a cancer fighter.

I love fashion, I love dressing up, it's how I express myself. Around 2007, I got stumbled upon some fashion blogs and have had lots of "ooh" and "aahh" moments admiring those bloggers, I liked the idea to share the outfit you wear at the moment and the story behind it but I didn't have slightest idea to have one, not until I've landed on Rumi Neely's, Lulu Chang's and Karla Deras' blogs. I've had a huge girl crush on them (even until now). Their fabulous style, beautiful photos and writing style inspired me a lot, and that's how this blog started.

This blog had been my online fashion diary for quite some time. I was a total trend follower back then. I didn't care whether the outfit suits my style, my body type or my personality or not as long as it's on trend, the outfit wore me, not the other way around, sometimes I even dressed awfully embarrassing lol. This blog witnessed my fashion journey, from an ugly duckling to not-so-ugly-anymore. Well, at least now I'm not forcing myself to follow trends, only some that I really like and stuff that I think would look good on my petite figure, the reason behind the name of this blog. Olsen Twins, Rumi Neely and Karla Deras are still my biggest fashion inspiration until now.

This blog had its moment on 2009 and 2010, I've got a chance to be featured on several local magazines. And then I went hiatus due to pregnancy and early motherhood. When I went back a year later my blog had gradually changing to a beauty blog. Was so busy being a full-time mom I rarely had chance to dress up and my love for cosmetics had been growing bigger, which led me to wrote more about beauty & makeup. I started in love to about luxury makeup since I bought my first Chanel makeup. The quality, the packaging, the scent are significantly different than the makeup I owned back then, I had totally swoon over this brand. Since then I started to get more and more interested to luxury makeup, especially Chanel. I'm now focusing on writing about luxury makeup not only because of my addiction to it but also because I think there are still only a few Indonesian bloggers who are focusing on writing about it. I wish to share my experiences with luxury makeup with a hope it will be helpful to my readers.

This blog went stagnant when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 2013. It was hard to write about beauty and makeup while I was still on treatment when I felt ugly most of the time. You know, with no hair, no brows, pale face and feeling sick almost 24/7, it's difficult to find the mood to take selfie and sit in front of my computer to write about makeup, give beauty tips when I was feeling far from it. I'd lost my confidence and was afraid to be seen by people. I was afraid people would talk or judge me because, even when I'm not sick I already have a confidence issue, so I bet you can imagine how insecure I was.
Things had changed after I got picked by Looks Magazine as the Most Inspiring Beauty Blogger on September 2013, which was the best achievement I've got so far. The fact that I got the award while I was still on my treatment, bald and everything, when I was on my lowest, really helped to boost up my confidence. I started to write more, learned to love myself and lived proudly.

I had done an operation in July and finished my chemo treatments and radiation treatments on December 31st. 2013 was certainly the hardest year on my whole existence, I'm glad I could passed it and that the storm was over. I had the most life changing moment in my life that make me realize that health is everything. It teach me to never take my health for granted and live carelessly because my health is my wealth.

Thank you for reading my blog, hopefully you'll find this blog enjoyable. Let's keep the positive vibes and inspire each other.

Warm regards,