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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Resort & Modern Romantic by Et Cetera

Have you heard about Et Cetera brand?
Et Cetera is a clothing brand under Delamibrands, a company that distributes some famous brands such as Billabong, The Excecutive, Wrangler and Colorbox.
Et Cetera's first boutique in Surabaya is in Galaxy Mall, and now they're opening the 2nd boutique in Tunjungan Plaza 3.
Today i had an opportunity to visit the new boutique. I've never went to Et Cetera boutique in Galaxy Mall, so today was my very first visit. I was so excited because they have so many awesome stuffs!
The new collection theme is Resort & Modern Romantic, so there are so many beautiful outfits with beautiful prints and bright & pastel colors. The bags and accessories are also cute.
What i love from Et Cetera is even though the material and the cutting are so good they look expensive but actually they're surprisingly affordable! The price range is IDR 250,000 - IDR 600,000.

Anyway, here are my picks from the collection

Monday, 18 February 2013

Leather & Gold

Back with another outfit post.
Managed to wear something fashionable yesterday.
Still in the mood of wearing black, because i think i'm gaining weight since i stopped the breastfeeding program :(

Friday, 15 February 2013

Black Dog

Hello ladies!
Before i start, i'd like to say Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year to you who celebrate it.
I don't celebrate Valentine, but yes to CNY.
CNY is one of the reason February is my favorite month. Before i got married, when it's still "legal" to receive an angpao, i had always waiting for February. Obviously, who doesn't love money? :p The second reason is because my birthday is in February too. But the second reason had vanished ever since my 26th birthday. I kinda hate my birthday now, i hate getting older :(
But, just like my hubby always said, "everyone is getting older too along with you, so don't worry.", i try not to worry too much about my age.

Anyway, today i will post an outfit photo after a long long hiatus. It's funny to me how my blog changed from the original idea. It's more a beauty blog now than a fashion blog. I barely had a chance to dress up in small city like Malang . Now mostly i wear a loose tee and a denim shorts with flip flops, which not blog-worthy. And when i had a chance to go to Surabaya, i never had a chance to take picture of my outfit, always so busy taking care of my daughter. So, yeah, i know my blog is kinda boring now with monotone FOTD posts. I will try harder to be a good blogger, write more interesting things other than posting my close up photo lol.

In the mean time, please forgive me for being a lazy-boring blogger.
Today i will write about my make up and my outfit, and also a quick review of my first Chanel lipstick.
Let's start with the review first, shall we?

Ok, so this pretty red lipstick is my first Chanel lipstick.
I had never interested with any Chanel lipstick before i saw the Rouge Allure Velvet series, i don't know why.
This series had catch my attention because it's Chanel newest lipstick addition, and also because lots of bloggers raved about it, most of them gave lots of praises about this lipstick.
I didn't bought it right away, mostly because of the price. I forgot the exact price but it's around IDR 450k. I bought it from SVS De Beaute, an online beauty shop on Facebook (they also got an account on Instagram). Quite pricey, eh? I gave this lipstick quite a thought before i finally had the gut to buy it. 

When i first saw it, i was very impressed by how luxurious the packaging is. So sleek and sophisticated. You have to push-click the lipstick out of the black case. And i have to tell you that i really love the "click" sound from it lol.
I love the color. I must admit that i was quite scared when i saw the red on the tube, but it looks really good on my fair skin tone i think. It's not too bright, the color is very elegant.
It's a beautiful red matte lipstick which i think will suit any skin color.
It's more satin finish when firstly applied, and then turns to a pretty velvety finish after a while.
It's creamy, soft, velvety and not drying and not chalky my lips like i thought all matte lipstick would be.
The color payoff and the staying power is amazing.
I love it so much. If you have an extra money to spend, i really recommend this lipstick to you.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Leopard, quilt and studs

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Florals and Studs

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Take a bow

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday, 1 September 2012


I was thinking about watermelon when i coordinated this outfit.
I love how it turned out, so fresh and summer-y.
And to make it more summer appropriate, i added a hint of neon too on my shoes.
Speaking of shoes, i remember how afraid i was when i first tried them on a couple years ago.
They were my very first 13cms heels. Back then the highest heels i had was probably 10cms.
Who thought i could walk smoothly in them now even when i carried Eve with me xD

Monday, 27 August 2012


I was distracted by my lovely daughter when i took these photos. That's why some of them are blurry.
She wanted to be on camera too, lol.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Red shades

Hello, hello!
After few days didn't get a chance to open and update my blog,
i was surprised to see that my blog gained some new followers.
Thank you so so so much to you readers.
I'm so happy yet embarrassed because i know, my blog is messy, yet i still  got people who are willing to follow this blog.
Ahh~ i'm such a bad blogger.
I will try my best to post often, write something interesting and replying comments! I often forget to reply your comments, gomenasai. 

Those pretty floral pumps are from ASOS. I bought it on sale, only less than 20bucks. So lucky!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

 A quick outfit and make up post before i go to bed.
Wore this about a week ago. Who knew lime and cobalt blue looked so good together?
Just Wanderlust top, necklace & pants; Zara pumps; SweetSassie clucth

My skin is not in its best condition now. Tsk.
 Make Up Forever HD Foundation; Chanel Mat Lumiere; Anastasia Eye Brow Kit; Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Palette; Nivea Lip Balm; NYX Lip Liner; Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint

Anyway, please ignore my scary hair. My curly hair looks so much better now, thank God.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Flower Crown

Wearing the DIY floral headpiece again.
As always it's just for photo purpose.
I'd wear something smaller or more simple if i were really about to wear a headpiece.
I made the flower crown on last 2010 for my pre wedding photo session at Bali.
I'm quite proud of myself that i could make something beautiful like this, because i am not a creative nor artistic person. Even until now i can't believe i was the one who made it, lol.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Yellow & Velvet

Hello hello,
I'm at Semarang now visiting my daddy until tomorrow.
So excited because it's been too long since my last visit here.

i was wearing this bright look the other day.
I thought, before summer ends, when it's still legal to wear a bright look,
i had to wear the brightest outfit in my wardrobe for once.

Although bold color isn't my thing,
I must say it's fun to wear something different and out from my comfort zone sometimes.

Me and my precious little princess :)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Denim & Gold

When i saw Erin Wasson's photo, teaming up her fantastic gold skirt with a loose denim top,
i had an idea to mix my velvet gold skirt, which had never been used ever since i bought it months ago, with my old denim top.
The main reason why this skirt had only been laying there on my wardrobe was because i didn't have enough confidence to pull off such a bold color. Plus, it's quite short. My husband doesn't really like it when i wear mini skirt or mini dress. I wore a short bicycle pants to cover my undies, that way he couldn't complain anymore :p
Turned out, mixing it with denim top was a great idea. It brought casual touch to the whole look, even with those boots. It looked day appropriate.

 Denim top : bought at the local boutique; Velvet Skirt : Chloe Room; Boots : Unbranded, from Korea; Ring : Just Wanderlust
Have you watch Batman The Dark Knight Rises?
I think it's the best summer 2012 movie so far.
Christoper Nolan is an amazing director and i'm sad that he won't direct any Batman movie anymore.
My only hope is that Christian Bale will still be Bruce Wayne on the next Batman movies.
I can't wait to see him and Joseph Gordon Levitt teaming up as Batman and Robin, it'd be epic!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Playing Patterns

Tried on something different the other day, mixing different patterns.
Although it's a bit awkward since i'm not used to bold prints, but i guess i might give it another try next time.
Some photos are blurry because i was using my new 50mm lens.
I was mistakenly bought the manual one, and i still can't operate it well, huhuhu. My bad.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Florals And Aviators

Obviously in a blogging mood.
My blog had never been this active since, uhm, forever?
I got lots of spare time these few days so, yeah, here i am blogging like there's no tomorrow.

So this is what i wore yesterday.
Wanna show you guys my recent favorite pieces, my crop top and floral shorts.
I styled it with lace up booties for refreshment, because i wore too many feminine shoes lately.
ASOS 90's Crop Top; Chloe Room floral shorts; Just Wanderlust accessories; Mango aviators

Of course, living in small town like Malang, i wouldn't go out like this. I covered it up with a slouchy cardigan and changed my boots with a comfy flats. This fancy look was only for blog purpose and for me having fun. I wouldn't mind to wear this if i were in Surabaya though. Although some people would still stare at me and maybe gossiping about my weird outfit, but some would still understand, since there are more "fashionistas" in Surabaya. I bet their outfit are way way edgier and fancier than me.

If you like my lipstick, wait for my next post. I will review the lipstick that i wore here.
I planned to post it today too, but since i got my pms and my mood went down to the lowest level, so .... -______-
You know, this is my 2nd pms after the whole pregnancy and breast-feeding program. I didn't have PMS for 2years and 2months! And i secretly enjoyed it. Of course because i didn't have to go through all the mood swings, the pain and the weird wet feeling down there. So i bet you can imagine how irritating it was to have it all over again. I didn't expect to get the PMS very soon because i'm still on breastfeeding program. So when i knew i had it, i was shocked, i stared at my pants for a long 10 seconds, thinking what's wrong with my body? I almost got paranoid thought that i might be having a bad disease, when finally i realized that it's a PMS blood, duh. So dumb, lol.

Well ok, that's it for now. I'll rest my aching tummy huhuhu. Til next post, ladies. Have a good night.



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